Everything Else

A collection of smaller projects


Meem it!

Bop-it web toy knockoff made with 3D CSS transformations

Depressing walking simulator

Explore a foggy trail in search of an old friend. Made with Unity.

Donut Dog

Explore a pit stop on the side of a small rural freeway. Inspired by a scene from Night In The Woods. Made with Unity.

Toasty boys

A small collectathon + stat management game made to learn unreal. Assets from Poly

Slime Volleyball

A slime volleyball game made from scratch that I trained an artificial neural network to play by evolving the weights with a genetic algorithm. Made with processing.


An AI project made to explore search and pathing algorithms. Made with processing.

Web exhibits

Two different web exhibits made about the theme of fake history. One explores what the world might have turned out like if aliens bought memes to hunter-gatherers. The other exposes the truth of what might happen if the government actually was turning the frogs gay (Alex jones parody).