Research Assistance

Computer Human Interaction research projects

Monash Micro-grid Visualization

In this project we used a touch screen table, hololens and 3D printed buildings to create a tangible, collaborative data visualisation experience to show energy usage and other data from the Monash Micro Grid project. The lego slider seen above is tracked with motion capture cameras and controls the date viewed. Flipping it up reveals a space-time view in the hololens view.

I worked on tracking objects and integrating the Vicon system with the web client, as well as optimizing and creating a custom alignment system for the hololens client using Vuforia.

Haptic Redirection and Time perception in VR

In this project I implemented two user studies, which I then ran. The first study tried to see if there was a difference in time perception when completing a task in VR compared to doing it on a computer.

The other built off the concept of haptic retargeting. We ran a study recreating the effect with a vive and motion tracking system to see how far we could push the effect before participants knew something was up.

AR navigation

Navigation, Interface and interactive experience experiments using world scale Augmented Reality. This project went onto later influence a paper on Visualisations for Outdoor Pedestrian Navigation with Head-mounted Augmented Reality. Github