Jam Games

A collection of games made in 48 hours


Floaty Boat

Global Game Jam 2017

Chilled out, casual co-op game where you and a friend use the same controller to control two forest spirits. Create waves by throwing rocks into the river to guide your paper boat, but be careful of debris! Each player can only throw rocks half way across the river, so you’ll need to work together if you want to make it!

Made with @evilneth, Daniel Mcivor, Bruce Fraser and Jeff Dunn

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Game of throne

Global Game Jam 2019

Race your constipated housemate to be the first to take a poo in the comfort of your own home.

Made with @deligirlcee, @ilpickle, @emileegoulding, @arobinsonswork and @thesaucefactory

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Frantic Fortunes

Locomojam 2019

Play as a dodgy fortune teller who predicts their client’s fortunes by stealthily scrolling their facebook feed under the table while pretending to read their palm lines at the same time!

Made with @OrcunNisli, @thePlundr and Tom Campbell

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ok like the bulk of these games were made in 48 hours but I definitely polished them up a little after